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Will Twitter Follow Bots Ruin Twitter?

Posted on Mar 13 2011

I don’t think so.

A Twitter follow bot, like TweetAdder, can automate certain Twitter tasks for you.

And if a Twitter user (doing everything manually) could complete her tasks 10x faster, that’s a win for her!  If her tasks help her connect with more of the right people, and she’s not a spammer, that’s a win for everybody else too.

Here’s why.

If a spammer signs up on Twitter the most they are able to do is follow you and hope you follow them back.  So… just don’t follow them back. That means they have nothing to do with you, even if they do follow you.

Sure, a spammer could send you a @reply message, but they can do that whether you follow them or not. And TweetAdder won’t help you send bulk @replies to people you don’t follow.

Software like TweetAdder doesn’t help the methods of a spammer because it all still revolves around people wanting to follow you back.

What the twitter automation software WILL do is let you reach more of the people who would want to hear from you. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time! It simply extends your reach further than your own 2 hands. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It all comes down to whether you use it or abuse it. The same with most things I suppose.


– Lewis

Lewis Smile

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  1. Twitter is far from being a social networking site where you have a personal contact with friends and prospects at the same time. It became too commercial. Twitter became merely a marketing tool for getting new prospects; this is what follow bots are about. I don’t like them.

  2. Roman says:

    Considering the bots are simply using twitter APIs, they should not be fought or banned etc. These bots are simply extensions to the functionality of the site, which help people get things don faster (like any bot or tool should). If bots become a problem, it is because the site has a flawed data flow structure. In the case of twitter, you are right, they have a nice structure which structurally fights against spam (by letting users choose who they receive messages from) without resorting to bans.

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