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How to Transfer a Group

Posted on Sep 25 2007

If you have a Squidoo Group but don’t want it anymore, you don’t have to delete it!

You can transfer it to someone!

I’m going to assume you know who you want to transfer the group to, but if you don’t Christene has good advice on her lens here.

Transferring a group is a little bit more complicated than transferring a lens, but is still easy enough that your grandma could do it.

The basic tips are as below. But you’ll find full explanations and good advice at Christene’s ‘Transfer a Group‘ lens.

Here’s how:

1. Go to the ‘Manage’ page for your group, then click ‘Manage Members’.

2. Find the person you want to transfer the group to and click ‘Promote’ next to their name. If they are not in the list, just put their email address or username in the box at the bottom.

3. Once the person is promoted, head back to your Lensmaster Dashboard and click ‘Transfer a Lens’ on the right hand side of the page.

4. Find your group in the list, put in the email address of the person who is taking the group, and click Go Go Go!

You might also want to consider selling your group if it has lots of members and lenses added (and a good looking group page). You can sell a group the same way you can sell a lens. And you can find more about that by clicking here.

– Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Crystal Booth says:

    Lewis, I love the new look for your blog. It is so fresh and clean looking. And as always, you have such great advice for Squidooers! Keep up the great work!.

  2. Raj Soni says:

    Thanks for this interesting information on HOW TO TRANSFER A SQUIDOO GROUP”. But i would like to ask one more thing that “CAN WE TRANSFER A LENS ALSO IF WE DO NOT REQUIRE IT?”

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