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The (Even Better) Best Ever Squidoo Advice

Posted on Mar 20 2011

On I’ve asked the visitors a few times what they think the best Squidoo advice is, and they always say “make lots of lenses”.

Why is this?

Because there’s no better way to learn than through experience.

Simple: Build lots of lenses, and see how the experts do it.

If you observe the successful people, and copy their methods, and repeat it many times, you can’t fail but be successful.

Simple! ..right?

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Lewis Smile

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  1. This is true. I already build 18 lenses. My last lens is an art work, while my first one had to be modified many times… However, besides creating many lenses you have to promote them. Otherwise, you won’t have any visitors. So, I’m trying to promote the 18 I already created before creating more. A few of them are somehow successful, but most of them need a lot of traffic. Without traffic, there is no meaning on creating all these pages.

  2. alam says:

    Yes, after create 104 lenses on January – February I realize that I learn many things, choose keyword, craft the lens, promote and backlink. A lot of work but I like that when I see $19 pending payment. Not bad for a newbie 🙂

  3. AJ says:

    Lewis, what you say is correct up to a point. What Christina says is correct up to a point and I am seeing more than just a few lensmasters on Squidoo who get this, up to a point.

    Alam, has made a very valid point – unless they do more than just make lenses and promote them, then they are going to end up mightily disappointed if they do keyword research.

    An understanding of how to do keyword research, how to select the best keywords and how to apply them to their lenses, is crucial.

    Too many Lensmasters are learning the hard way that just making lots of lenses and promoting them may NOT give them the traffic they are hoping for.

    One such lensmaster is just discovering this – 4 years on Squidoo and frustrated and disappointed, even though she has hundreds of lenses. This Lensmaster has given me permission to pull apart the way she does things, with a view to helping her build on what she already knows (how to build lenses) and also change the way she approaches her lensmaking. The results will be published on Squidlog.

    • Leslie Sinclair says:

      Although my second busiest lens gets far more visitors, it is far down in the pack of my 30 something list of lenses. What suggestions could I use? I must be missing something. And for my top lens, I very seldom get much of a payout.

  4. Bfuniv says:

    For me, the most enjoyable part of Squidoo lies in improving my writing by writing more. It’s amazing to see how much there is to rewrite in my earlier lenses. The early rewards bread a desire to learn more.

  5. abrar says:

    Yes i do agree with you guys create lenses but i think before that you should learn one how to create that which can be done by looking at top 100 lenses but what i think is that making lens is good techniques of building strong back-links rather than money.

  6. Timewarp says:

    I agree about lots of lenses, the other big advantage I see is that you may stumble upon a successful niche and can then focus on that. I don’t worry that some lenses a deadbeats as long as others do well.

  7. I am a newbie to squidoo and have only written one lens, any help would be much appreciated.

  8. Mitja Drame says:

    Hi Lewis!
    It’s true, build more lenses and with work you gain more experiences. I needed some practice, before I knew what type of lenses I must create to make sales and tier 1 rankings. Great advice for newbies. Thanks!

  9. Reanna says:

    Good day everyone! I am a new squidoo user and I have a problem. I am on squidoo via iPhone and don’t have access to a computer. Is there a way that I can upload a photo for my lens via mobile?

  10. More than making ‘lots’ of lenses, I guess, it is learning from successful lensmasters – and that seems to be the key. I admit, I never made a sale for the first six months, now I make one every other day – and thanks for the lot of useful tips from successful lensmasters!

  11. GrammaLinda says:

    Since you really can’t tell beforehand how well a lens will do, the only way to succeed is to make lots of lenses. The oddest topics will come out winners, while the ones you think are perfect may not even get into tier 3. Best wishes!

  12. BabyGirl1940 says:

    I am finding lots of quality information on this site. Thanks for helping out us newbie squids!

  13. Kurt Evans says:

    I’ve been on squidoo for a few years and I’m just starting to get back into it, after taking a break. My hope is to make better lenses that will rock the internet with sheer awesomeness.

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