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Tags Are Back!

Posted on Aug 24 2009

Good news ladies and gentlemen

Squidoo Tags are back in the game! They are now indexable by search engines once again!

I have been meaning to write this post for about two weeks, so here we go!

Very simple:

A while ago Squidoo HQ made some changes that made squidoo tags pretty useless. The tags pages were ranking very high in Google, which was good. Squidoo then made a change to block search engines from scanning the tags pages. They had their reasons of course.

Well now they’ve done some work to improve the tags pages, and search engines can see them again. So you will start seeing tags pages ranking in google again. We will hopefully see them ranking just as high as before, if not higher. We will keep our eyes peeled.

Why have they done this?

My guesses: Most likely because the tags pages…

a. Bring in ad revenue, from the AdSense ads displayed on the pages. (And what we’ve learned from the latest ad changes on squidoo, with ads EVERYWHERE, is that Squidoo likes its ad revenue!)

b. Bring in more visitors, as they tend to rank highly.

c. Link all lenses together, to create a giant lens network. Google likes useful on-topic stuff all linked together. It’s the jam on Google’s toast.

d. Get some people who land on tags pages (from google) investigating more than 1 lens on their visit to Squidoo.

So how are the tags pages different this time?

thefluffanutta, of, has given it a nice little run-down on his blog. It’s easiest for you to check it out there – (His blog is a good one. You should subscribe to it.)

Now that tags pages are indexable again you should be paying particular attention to your primary tags. Perhaps today’s the day to take a second look at most of your lens tags!

Help: Tagging Tricks

What do you reckon? You happy to see tags back, working for you?

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Robb Auspitz says:

    Excellent news! Many thanks for the heads-up and I will be revising my tags today.

  2. JaguarJulie says:

    I’ve noticed that the keywords are appearing in the lens’ source code as the metatags so that is good. Very important that the primary keywords and other lens keywords are spot-on and relevant for the lens content. Work on your keywords and get those right.

  3. Ecolicious says:

    i had no idea they were down. Thanks

  4. paul barton says:

    this is good news – I’m glad I didn’t mess around with mine too much
    will be interesting to see how this works out

  5. Tony says:

    This to me is great news, especially as many of my lenses form a theme. I hope to see traffic and payments increase as a result, it would be nice.

    I assume that any revenue from tag pages is also shared, but that might not be the case. Still, if the tag pages rank highly and that helps to boost traffic, it’s good for us all, and great incentive to tag properly.

  6. adez7 says:

    This is the best news I have read about Squidoo in a long time. I have always known that the folks at Squidoo really care about their lensmasters and are willing to go as far as it takes to make them successful. Way to go HQ! Thanks Lewis for this post, it is a good one.

  7. Thanks for the update Lewis. I always seem to get information from you before I get it from SquidUtil. I had left all of my tags intact (just in case), but now I’ll have to check and update if needed. This will definitely help with the SERPS.

  8. Adam says:

    Great News! Its a great way of getting people to explore more lense on a topic they are interested in.

  9. […] highly doubt ‘Paid Reviews’ Possibly a sponsored lens theme InText links Tag Page Specific […]

  10. I posted a squidoo page with only 6 tags on it and for some reason it got loads of hits?

    I still can’t figure out what I did right LOL

  11. One Word: YES!!

    I could never figure out why Google stopped searching tags – but I sure am glad there are in the business again!

  12. CherylK says:

    I cannot tell you how in love I am with that cool new tag tool…I moved over to Firefox and am in the process of revising tags and I’m having more darned fun changing tags so they turn from red to green! What a kick!

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