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Getting More Star Ratings

Posted on May 15 2009

Tim ‘thefluffanutta‘, has made many great Squidoo tools. Every one of his creations has a dear place in all our hearts…

And they just keep getting better!

His latest creation is the Lens Love Module.

How many times have you visited a lens, got to the bottom of it, and forgotten to rate it? If you’re like me, probably lots.

Tim’s Lens Love module will put a nice row of stars at the BOTTOM of your lens as well as the existing ones at the top, which means your lens visitors can get to the bottom and still rate your lens without forgetting.

You can click here to add the Lens Love Module to your lenses

And you can click here to see a live example and read Tim’s explanation of it

Oh beautiful wonderful Tim, what’s next!

Lewis 🙂

P.S. have you added this module to your lenses? Have you noticed more ratings than normal? Do you put it at the bottom, or somewhere in the middle? What are your thoughts?

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Tiffany Dow says:

    Woot! I love Fluff’s stuff. Thanks for letting me know about this, Lewis – I’ll Tweet it for ya to let others know too!

  2. Michey says:

    Hi! Lewis, how you know that I was looking for this widget?
    Thanks Tuffa and Lewis

  3. Gene says:

    This is very cool. How can I find this module in the module picker?

    • MrLewisSmile says:

      @Gene – unfortunately this module can’t be added through the normal module picker. It’s not an official module, but one Tim’s magic skills have made using the clearspring widget tools. Complicated, but just bookmark the link from his lens, then whenever you want to add it to a lens just click the link in your browser bookmarks 🙂

  4. CherylK says:

    I was just reading the little bio in the upper right corner of this page and wanted to comment on your comment, “Yep, I’m showing off.” One of my favorite quotes is by Walt Whitman…he said, “If you done it, it ain’t bragging.” So go ahead and blow your own horn…you’ve earned it.

    I have started adding the Lens Love Module to my lenses. It’s a great module.

    • MrLewisSmile says:

      @CherylK – Thanks! I was debating a couple of days ago whether I should take that bit out. Maybe I’ll leave it in for just a little bit longer 😉

  5. LaraineRose says:

    Thanks again Lewis. The Clearspring Widget by thefluffanutta is wonderful!

    I’m adding it to my lenses.

    It may be elementary to everyone else, but, how do I Bookmark something?
    I’m a dummy!

  6. I like this stars at the bottom idea! I think it’s really going to help me out. Thanks for getting the word out to us Squidders!

  7. Kathy McGraw says:

    Just put this on my newest lens, thank you 🙂

  8. the link to add the love lens stars to the bottom doesnt want to work?

  9. MrLewisSmile says:

    @Linda – hmmm… it doesn’t seem to, you’re right. If you go through the lens though it should work!

  10. thanks, when i clicked on your lense and did it from there it worked, but the link about it on your main page still doesnt work…

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