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Another great use for Squidoo – To host your family tree!

Posted on Apr 03 2008

I stumbled upon a great idea yesterday.

Lensmaster Extraordinaire and Giant Squid AND Squid Angel bdkz wrote a post at Squidu a couple of days ago about a new lens of hers.

She used to make a family tree lens.

And how does it look? Fantastic! It’s one of the best uses for SquidWho I’ve seen.

Bdkz is making a series of lenses about the family of the founder of her former school.

She says:

Who is Margaret Marsh St. John

It’s a neat way to preserve and share history!

Can you make one for your family?

What a great way to preserve your family history indeed!

Lewis 🙂

Here are some more I found. Joint credit goes to Lensmaster XP for these great Family Tree SquidWho lenses. Would you ever make some for your family?

Lewis Smile

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  1. XP Squid says:

    Thanks for noticing! I have a long way to go still … I have awesome screencaps from my Ancestry online tree to add, but they have yet to give me a nod on my affiliate app through CJ. :/

    Nothing breaks the ice like asking, which would you rather die from: “senility with senile dementia” or “infection of eyes”? (Both real causes from old death records.)

  2. charlino says:

    Kudos to a great SquidWho’s Who, and a wonderful idea.

  3. Jaguar Julie says:

    Hi Lewis — A few of my original lenses, before SquidWho came along, were set up to be genealogy-based lenses hoping to hook up with relatives through Squidoo. What I’ve found is that Squidoo is getting the reach worldwide to find potential ‘relatives’ if that’s what one is searching for.

    Some of my family search / genealogy lenses are mentioned here:


  4. Danger says:

    I would be very, very careful about sharing your family tree online. ID thieves gather info, such as “Mother’s Maiden Name”, which is still frequently used to verify info and password retrieval.

    Be Careful!

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