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Posted on Oct 16 2007

hitcounterSquidoo has a new SUPER cool layout for you to test and try. And it hasn’t even been officially announced yet…

It is, THE place to build your own TV channel on the web.

I just made my own featuring all the good Squidoo How-To videos available on YouTube made by Squidoo fans.

It’s at How cool is that?

(Did you know there were that many how-to videos to help you with your lensbuilding?)

The main thing you will notice about the lens I just linked to is the film reel at the top and the yellow and orange colour scheme. I think it is the best of the Squidoo sister sites so far (SquidoWho, SquidBids). What do you think?

You can use the YouTube Plexo module to feature your videos, and allow your visitors to vote them up and down to determine which are the best ones to watch.

Here are some good SquidVids groups to join, here is where you can make your own SquidVids lens, and here is the Squidu forum thread to go to to announce your new SquidVids lens.

Have fun with it!

Lewis 🙂

P.S. post your new SquidVids lens as a comment on this post and I’ll visit it with my SquidAngel lens-boosting powers…

Lewis Smile

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  1. Lizthefair says:

    That’s an offer too good to refuse. Although I think you may have visited me already. . .

  2. BigJim says:

    Just published my Southern Rock Squidvid. it features past videos from my Southern Rock Lens and let’s people add their favorites.

  3. Thanks for the info–just set up my videoshowcase check it out–and many thanks for all the tips.

  4. BadMsM says:

    OOOO goody! New toys! I have a few lenses-in-waiting that could just do with some of this…

    Happy Weekend!


  5. Kathy says:

    Gosh I can’t seem to pick one, so can I offer My Music Video Lensography

    Maybe there is one there you like, and yes, ok, so I kinda got carried away.

    Squidoo tends to do that do you LOL

    Thanks Lewis!

  6. Damon says:

    Great Blog

    I just added you to my feed reader.

  7. Dave says: rocks!

    Not only can I now watch my favorite videos, I can edit them out to find the best ones.

    Here’s one I did of Sidney Crosby videos.

    I’m working on Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and a few more of my favorite sports stars.

    Gotta get back at it.

    I got a lot of Squidooing to do.



  8. Crystal Booth says:

    Hey, Lewis! informative post as usual.

    My newest SquidVid is on the new show Reaper.

    Thanks for taking a look!
    ~ Crystal

  9. B Carter says:

    Congrats on the T-shirt.

    Here’s my best squid vid so far:

    Thanks in advance for stopping by.


  10. Heather says:

    Hello Lewis! Love your great articles. I made a vid lens just for Thanksgiving!

    Hope you have a great day!

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