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Coolest little squidlet ever

Posted on Jul 04 2008

The super-genius thefluffanutta, creator of, has just created something else.

The things he makes are always easy to understand, simple to use, and really really cool.

And one of his latest creations is a nice little image you can put on your blog/lens/website that will display how many people are in your Squidoo fan club.

Here is mine:

If I get one more fan today… the image will automatically update!

To get your own little squidlet image just head to

And don’t forget to check out thefluffanutta’s blog at

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

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  1. JaguarJulie says:

    Oh Oh — I truly LOVE this little squidlet … how neat is that with the minimalist of codes. What will thefluffanutta think of next? I can’t wait to see.

  2. I was quite happy before fluff came out with this. Now I can see how I rank with everyone else. And I’m sad. I only have like 125 fans. But I love each and every one. (Including you, Lewis! 🙂

  3. adez7 says:

    Hi Lewis,
    The Fluff is certainly one of the top lensmasters on all of Squidoo. I personally use and advise others to use his tools when ever he comes up with a new one. They are very well thought out, well planned, and updated on a need by need basis. I have downloaded my fans widget and placed it into my bio a couple of days ago and I think that it adds a great degree of credibility to ones lenses. At least if it shows more than ZERO fans. LOL Thanks Tim for a great tool!

  4. Thanks for the squidlet. Very cool. I added it to my lenses. This blog is very informative and great! I love it! It is chock full of goodies.

    10 stars!!!

  5. Kolled says:

    The tool is great. My only worry is what if one has too few fans? Wouldn’t it seem like your site isn’t any good?

    I think for a new lens, one should accumulate a couple of fans first before installing it. Just a thought!

  6. Lindsay says:

    Looks like a fun little tool. I’ve only been squiding (or whatever it’s called) for a while, and just have one lens, but I’m slowly collecting fans. I guess this is a quick way to show off the fact that people dig ya. 😉

    Kolled, it’s pretty easy to get fans. A lot of people seem to add you as a way of being seen themselves. Go to people’s lenses and leave comments to catch their notice.

  7. EcoGreenBags says:

    I was wondering where everyone was getting those! I’m going to get one as well. I don’t have a huge lot of fans either, but it looks like over time they accumulate rather nicely!

  8. harryheys says:

    I’m a new Squidoo user and so far haven’t figured out how to add myself as a fan to a lensmaster. Anyone help me here?

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