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New Wikipedia Module

Posted on Aug 28 2007

There is a new Squidoo module for you to test out!

Go to edit your lens,  click ‘Add Modules’, click the last ‘A-Z’ tab, then click W. And from the list of modules you will be shown, you can choose ‘Wikipedia’.

It allows you simply type in your topic (bagels, or christmas, or wordpress, etc), and the module will pull in the introduction of the article on Wikipedia for your chosen topic. And it will even pull in the intro image from the wikipedia article too!

But the image bit sometimes comes out really weird, showin an image in your lens that is nothing to do with the topic but just happens to be on the wikipedia page. So what you can do if that happens is insert your own image (hosted elsewhere) using the info I wrote about in this blog post a few weeks ago (click here).

I have been putting the module at the end of lenses, for a nice finishing module with some cool content and image, almost like a ‘more info’ type thing. And I’ve put the module titles as ‘Bagels, according to Wikipedia’. That sort of thing. It’s fun to play around with.

Lewis 🙂 (Custom lens-building)

Lewis Smile

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Great module. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Sonia Simone says:

    I’ve been playing with this one with the new biographical lenses. It’s a very neat feature, but you do want to massage it a little (like all the modules) to really make it your own.

  3. Sonia Simone says:

    FYI, Wikipedia is actually down at the moment, so the modules aren’t working right this minute.

  4. mrlewissmile says:

    I’m using the module in most new lenses now. It’s a really good addition!

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