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The Importance of the Primary Tag

Posted on Jan 05 2008

Introducing, SquidooCool’s Second Guest Writer!

TheFluffanutta writes of the importance of the Primary Tag.

So, here he is:

The Primary Tag is the first tag you get to define when creating your new lens, and it is an often misunderstood and very under utilised by many Lensmasters. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem do a whole lot, but there are some important points to note:

In some lens formats (e.g. and SquidWho) the primary tag appears at the very top of the page, next to “Explore more:”.

Most lenses (maxed) have a box in the side bar titles “Explore more…”, containing links to the Category and Primary Tag of the lens, plus all the groups it belongs too.

Another feature of the sidebar (which is not always present) is the tag list, which is usually headed by the Primary Tag (on un-maxxed lenses), and then the first 5 regular tags (in alphabetical order). The remaining tags are hidden, and search engines may ignore these ones.

Every appearance of the Primary Tag on your lens adds weight to that key phrase on your lens.

Here are some tips:

1. Your Primary Tag wants to be the most important key phrase that you can think of. For example, if your lens is about a person or a product, stick to just their name.

2. Keep your tag to just 2 or 3 words, where possible. One word is not always specific enough (unless the subject is a strong brand like Pepsi), and more than 3 words can sometimes be too specific. Of course, it does depend on your subject matter.

3. Don’t simply repeat your Lens title again (even though this is the default when building a lens). Your title should include as many keywords as you can sensibly fit (no keyword stuffing!), while your Primary Tag is about your key phrase.

4. Format your Primary Tag nicely – keep it Capitalised, spelt correctly (!) and don’t include any special characters or quotes (“). Use spaces between words, not dashes or underscores.

5. Make sure you repeat your Primary Tag as a regular tag too. The tags appear as the Meta Keywords at the top of the page, and you don’t want your key phrase to be missing from it.

6. Pick a Primary Tag which is popular, i.e. people will be likely to be searching for it and other lenses are might also have the same Primary Tag.


If you want more info about tagging, head to

Lewis  🙂

P.S. Happy New Year!

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  1. There are a couple big Squidoo projects coming out soon, both of which rely on these Primary Tags quite heavily – so get the sorted out now! See the original post on SquidU for some further explanations and examples:

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