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How To Add An Opt-In Form To Your Lens (updated)

Posted on Oct 06 2007

From one of my lenses I built a newsletter autoresponder list of over 1200 people in about 3 months, making sales of over $3000. Just by adding a simple piece of code to one of the modules on the lens. Called an Iframe. I was rather pleased with myself.

You may recall coming across the lens ‘How to add an opt-in form to your lens’. I wrote that guide showing people how to use the Iframe code to add their opt in form into a module on their lens to start getting subscribers. But because of security concerns and spamming, Squidoo HQ has since disabled the iframe code. To make it harder for the bad guys to abuse the system. So there is now no way to embed your Iframe code.

But there is another way you can do it!

If you take a look at this lens you can see the Opt-In box right under the introduction. But it’s not there using an actual opt in box. It’s an image OF the opt-in box. And if you click it, a new window or tab opens and you get the actual form.

And as soon as I replaced all my Iframe opt in forms with images of them recently, the number of subscribers has started again at exactly the same rate as when I was having the box right there on the lens.


You can insert an image and link it to another page by reading this post.

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

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  1. Petho Attila says:

    Tricky solution!
    Thanks for the idea, I will use on my site!

  2. Good idea I’m going to try it asap. Thanks for your helpful info.

  3. What a great solution to this problem. Can you tell me how you get the image of your opt in box? Then did you just set up your opt in box on another webpage?
    Jackie Lee 🙂

  4. kristieluane says:

    But, Lewis, I missed the HOW-TO do this?
    How do you get the image of your opt-in box?

  5. Kristie says:

    You can insert an image and link it to another page by reading this post.

    Lewis, I am about to be squid out of my mind trying to find the link to the actually HOW-TO put that opt-in box on my page. Each time I hit the word above “this” that is hyperlinked, it says what you are looking for is not here! Which is a definite downer, since I am beginning to read ALL your posts since I truly admire your work! when you have time can you please tell me again, exactly where to find this much-needed info!

    Thanks a million!!!!! Kristie

  6. MrLewisSmile says:

    @Kristie – you can get an image of your opt in box by pressing PrtSc on your keyboard. Usually top right somewhere. Press that, then paste directly into Microsoft Paint. Then you can cut it out, save it, upload it to your website/blog, and then with that image, follow the instructions of linking an image to a page here:

    Lewis 🙂

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