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Posted on Jan 18 2008

Have you heard of the website

It’s a website that tracks how popular different websites are.

And they just released their numbers from last year… naming the Top 20 Fastest Growing Websites of 2007.

And out of all the possible websites in the world…. IN THE WORLD… Squidoo was the 14th fastest growing in 2007!

According to Compete’s numbers, Squidoo was the 14th fastest growing site on the web.

That’s a pretty good title to have!

What does this mean for you?

That your lenses are being seen by more people, and Squidoo is winning more fans every day.

What do you think Squidoo could do to grow even faster during 2008?

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Ugh…I can’t get past what the first and fourth sites are and how they grew. Gotta love people’s values!

  2. mrlewissmile says:

    It’s funny… if you look on you can see the BOTTOM 20 websites… And NONE of them are ‘adult sites’…

  3. charlino says:

    Pretty cool about the Squidoo stats. As for your question about Squidoo growing even faster in 2008? In real life, squids get real big when given time to grow. It is my guess that lenses built to stand out and withstand the test of time will help propel growth.

  4. GramaBarb says:

    Squidoo is great! I’m huffin’ and puffin’ now to keep up. For 2008 ? whatever the head Squids decide will be super.

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