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I would love it if Squidoo….

Posted on Jan 12 2008

I would love it if Squidoo allowed guestbook comments that were longer than 300 characters!

(UPDATE:  SQUIDOO HAS NOW DONE THIS! 2 days after posting here and Squidu, and all your comments, Squidoo raised the limit from 300 to 1000. Woohoo! Thanks Squidoo HQ!!)

When I read blogs and see some people writing massive comments in response to the posts, I keep saying to myself ‘It would be GREAT for my lenses if people weren’t limited to writing only 300 characters in a guestbook’.

I can’t even begin to remember the number of times I’ve searched for something on Google and have clicked through to a blog because my search words appeared in a comment someone left there.

I want to encourage people to comment on my lenses, and when they’re writing extra free content for my lens… I don’t want them to stop at 300 characters!

I’m sure it would be an EASY fix to have a 2000 character limit instead, and that is my feature request. To FINALLY let people make guestbook comments longer than 300 characters. Because we should not be limiting our visitors, when their comments ultimately benefit our lenses.

What do you think? Is 300 characters enough room for your lens readers?


Lewis Smile

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  1. hmsweaver says:

    I think that’s a great suggestion. Seems like the Squid-gurus should be into it, since they’re rolling out lots of features that enable and encourage more visitor-created content. You should suggest it, because everyone knows Squidoo loves Lewis. 🙂

  2. phatmama says:

    I too have wanted that several time. That would be sweet! I have myself, written longer posts and then have to figure out how to say what I want in a mini version…very frustrating.

  3. Susan52 says:

    Funny that I just left a comment a few minutes ago on a lens and got up to 300 characters before I knew it – and still had plenty more to say (not surprising!). Increasing the size of the comment field should be an easy change, seems to me. Your point about the comments benefiting our lenses is a valid one and a good argument in favor of the change. Another great Lewis suggestion that makes me smile!

  4. Linette says:

    I totally agree, it would lend so much to the conversation on some of the lenses. People love to have their say. Limiting the number of words can keep people from being fully involved.

  5. Kevin Kiene says:

    I would love squidoo to offer ad free lens’ that we pay like $10 a year or so if we want. I woul dalso love to be able to post video directly on squidoo without youtube. This is because I am working on a video and I want to update it over time with newer better versions. YouTube from what I can tell does not allow you to change or edit a video after it’s posted there.

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