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5 Steps to establish yourself as an expert..

Posted on Jan 22 2008

1. Pick an area you like so much…
2. You’d commit to lifelong learning…
3, Where you enjoy spreading the word…
4. With a message you strongly believe in (even if it contradicts accepted norms)
5. You’ll speak and write for free to establish yourself…
(Rich Schefren)

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. steveffeo says:

    Rich hit the nail on the head do it because you love it and it is no a job.

  2. …and (6) – create a Squidoo lens on the topic as your authority site linked to your blog.

    Great advice – thanks for digging this up Lewis – you put this into practice yourself.

    Love your RSS feed which I have on my core lens.

    Ron P.

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