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Pinging Your Lenses

Posted on Sep 27 2009


Any time you update certain webpages or publish a new blog post or lens, you can send a Ping for it.

A Ping is a little signal your new updated page sends to various search engines and directories. A ping is the online equivalent of your new lens running up to Google’s doorstep and ringing the doorbell. It’s a way for your lens to go out and get attention, shouting “I’m here! I’m updated!” instead of sitting around just waiting to be found.


Sending out a ping for your new lenses is a very good idea. It can help you get indexed quicker, and is one of the reasons blog posts get indexed so fast.

You have a couple of options for pinging, and below are the fastest ways I’ve found:

1. – SquidUtils has a very useful ping tool that embeds itself right into your lens immediately after you click Publish. It’s super smart and also free.

You can find out all you need to know about SquidUtils addons and features here.

2. – Pingoat is a very popular pinging service, and is also free. Unlike SquidUtils this one doesn’t embed itself right into your lens. I don’t really use Pingoat that often as I find SquidUtils to be sufficient and more convenient. Pingoat does ping more places though.


Don’t ping every time for update your lens. Only when you first publish it and if you do any major updates where you add more content. Don’t go ping crazy on the same 1 lens!

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

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  1. Thanks for another Timely Post.
    Your ability to share Information is a talent and very appreciated

  2. JaguarJulie says:

    Lewis, you know I always wondered where the terminology of “ping” and “pinging” originated. It’s been a while since I’ve employed the pinging services for my blog posts — I used to do that quite regularly but because of my work at Squidoo, I’ve probably neglected my blogs. I really like how SquidUtils integrated the pinging capability to our lenses. Yes, good general advice to not ping every time you ‘publish’ as is good advice not to click on that link that sends to twitter, “I just updated my Squidoo lens.” Good judicious use of these capabilities is a good thing!

  3. Brett Jarvi says:

    Lewis, I usually use Pingoat. Here is a method I just tried with a lens. I was at #7 out of 9 million,now at #11- I barely have any back links:

    1. Set up any WEB2.0 site
    2. Put your content on the site WITHOUT OUR AFFILIATE
    LINK as a matter of a fact – don’t use any links.
    3. Wait until the site gets indexed.
    4. AFTER it is indexed go back to the site and update it with a
    couple hundred words of content. 200 words is fine.
    5. Wait for a few days until the site is spidered again.
    6. Promote the site a bit. You can do this by submitting the RSS
    feeds, Bookmarking, blog commenting, etc…you know the
    drill 🙂
    7. Wait 24 hours
    8. Now you can start putting your links on the site

  4. Thank you both, Lewis and Brett. Some things I will definitely do on my next new lens. : )

  5. Jimmie says:

    Why not ping every time? If you’re updating a lens every two to three months wouldn’t that be good timing for pinging? I do notice an increase in visits after pinging (especially for those bottom dwellers).

  6. I have not used SquidUtils but have tried Pingoat in the past and it was very fast and remembers the site info so its easier to ping the next time!

  7. I’ve been building links to my lens just to try to get it into the google index initially but so far no luck. Will this help?

  8. MrLewisSmile says:

    @Jimmie – For lenses updated every two or three months I would ping too. I’m thinking more about lenses updated a few times a week when they’re first being built. Good point. I didn’t really make that clear!

    @Paul – Pinging will definitely help!

  9. MrLewisSmile says:

    @Brett – your words are wise, my friend 🙂

  10. Jimmie says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Lewis!

  11. Gina says:

    Pinging sites, remember, are simply sites that notify other sites on the internet of updates to your blogs/lens, etc. It’s like a bunch of people running into a neighborhood and knocking on everybody’s door. When you open the door, there’s a note saying, “I just updated my lens about a certain topic.”

    Pingler is one of the better pinging sites out there with 91 sites. Worst case, only 9 sites would not be pinged vs. other pinging sites where half might not be pinged.

    Don’t forget to Social book mark your lens with Social Poster (20 per day max) and Zimbio.

  12. drew says:

    I think pingoat died and went to ping heaven. Its been down for quite some time.

  13. Katherine says:

    You know, I actually bother to read a post or a lens. If I like it, I feel compelled to give my opinion or leave a comment. When someone leaves a comment like “5 *” or “Nice Lens” it makes me feel like they didn’t even take the time to read it.

  14. Miriam says:

    Thanks for the ping info. I read somewhere that if you over ping your sites they could get banned by google. Not sure if I would take this to the bank, but every time you add meaningful content, not just fix a typo, seems reasonable. Don’t ya think? Thank you for putting this very nice lens together.

  15. Clara says:

    Pingoat is having issues again. It’s now

  16. Thaís says:

    I could not ping my lens, it asked me to type the text from an image, but no image is showing up on the page! 🙁

  17. Brett says:

    Dude, You need an automatic ping.
    Look it up.

    Every thing you will ever need is on Google.
    Dirty tricks? Slow and steady.


  18. Mayapearl says:

    I feel so stooopid, I was going ping crazy for a while there. I am glad to say I got a little bored and gave it up a while ago, pheww.
    Thanks for all the tips.

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