Making a living on Squidoo

  • The $7,500 lens

    Do you treat your lensmaking as a hobby or a business? I would guess that more than 99.9% of lensmasters treat their lensmaking time as a hobby. It pays rather nicely if you hit upon a great niche idea and write up some great content, but most of the time people are making lenses it’s probably more fun than work. If it felt like work they probably wouldn’t do it as much, in their free time...

The First Post: Welcome!

Welcome to! My name is Lewis. has been set up for this reason: Learning about Squidoo at is free. That doesn’t mean that ebooks don’t have their place.They compile a lot of information, put it in one place, in an understandable order, and in an understandable way. And people are willing to pay for this. And that’s great! Because overwhelmingly...

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