Making a living on Squidoo

  • The $7,500 lens

    Do you treat your lensmaking as a hobby or a business? I would guess that more than 99.9% of lensmasters treat their lensmaking time as a hobby. It pays rather nicely if you hit upon a great niche idea and write up some great content, but most of the time people are making lenses it’s probably more fun than work. If it felt like work they probably wouldn’t do it as much, in their free time...

New: SquidBids – Squidoo for eBay Sellers

Following the successful SquidWho launch, Squidoo HQ has made another re-branding of the lens-building platform and just released If you’re an eBay seller, go and make a SquidBids lens. The steps to create the lens also help you pre-fill the modules, making a lens filled with content ready for you to customise. The key being, customise it! The lenses have a cool layout too. Here...

How To Add An Opt-In Form To Your Lens (updated)

From one of my lenses I built a newsletter autoresponder list of over 1200 people in about 3 months, making sales of over $3000. Just by adding a simple piece of code to one of the modules on the lens. Called an Iframe. I was rather pleased with myself. You may recall coming across the lens ‘How to add an opt-in form to your lens’. I wrote that guide showing people how to use the Iframe... Revenue Share

This is an update on And how you can now earn money by promoting your lenses there!, as you will recall, is a site just like Digg but SOLELY for Squidoo lenses. That means adding your link to the listings will get you more exposure to other lensmasters who can rate your lens, leave comments, add it to their favourites, etc. And since my last post about you can...

Avoiding a Rubbish Introduction

The introduction module is one of the first things your visitors will read. So don’t mess it up! Here are some tips from Lensmaster Randy Smythe on his lens ‘What I Look For In A Lens!‘. 1. Avoid including requests for feedback. While this is a valid request it should be made at the end of your lens with the Guestbook module. 2. Avoid requests that your readers bookmark, rank, lensroll,...

New SquidooCool Module!

Well well well…. woohoo! SquidooCool now has it’s very own module on Squidoo! If you go to your lens editing screen, hit Add Modules top left, then look under the ‘New!’ tab. And there you’ll see it. The all-new super-sexy SquidooCool module. If you add it (then click to edit it) it will feed the latest posts onto your lens 🙂 And if you do that, then let me know,...

How to Transfer a Group

If you have a Squidoo Group but don’t want it anymore, you don’t have to delete it! You can transfer it to someone! I’m going to assume you know who you want to transfer the group to, but if you don’t Christene has good advice on her lens here. Transferring a group is a little bit more complicated than transferring a lens, but is still easy enough that your grandma could do...

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