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New Squidoo Layouts – how do you like them?

Posted on Mar 04 2008

QuestionIf you haven’t seen them already – check them out!

Squidoo lenses still have 2 basic layouts – maxed and unmaxed – but the maxed version just had a MAJOR overhaul. Remember how it was the 3 columns? Well check it out now!

Here is my Tagging Tricks lens maxed, and here is my ‘how to unmax’ lens unmaxed.

Which layout do you prefer?

I think the new layout is much more professional, really promotes US, the adverts in the sidebar are clearly separated from our content, and the column for our content is wider than ever.

I love it!


Lewis Smile

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  1. Generally, I quite like it, though there are a couple things I’d like to see change. HQ said they would continue to be tweaking the lenses over time, so they should get even better.

    There’s been a suggestion that the new Glam ads are CPM (i.e. impression generated revenue) instead of the usual CPC (click generated revenue), so maybe we’ll see higher payouts in a couple months?

  2. Sonia Simone says:

    Good point that there is a better, cleaner distinction between the ads and the content, but I don’t like the new layout at all. The dark color just makes me claustrophobic–the content looks squished.

    I also prefer the old light rule under the headers, and the old width allowed for longer and more interesting titles & subtitles.

    I think I’ll be unmaxing quite a few. But I know the new look has lots of fans, and that’s great too.

  3. Heather says:

    I have a personal preference for whitespace, so I’ll just have to get used to the dark blue maxed background. It’s nice, though. Hey, have you seen the SquidLit lensbuilder? I just noticed it in the footer of the new layout! I’m off to try it out! 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    Lewis, have you seen this one too? Maybe this is all old news to you, but I hadn’t heard about the Zippers one going live yet. Seems it’s only for realtors right now.

  5. MrLewisSmile says:

    @fluffa CPM would be an interesting idea. It must be worth it for Squidoo because the adsense block that used to be in the sidebar has gone – to be replaced with the glam ads. But if it’s CPM that doesn’t explain why they’ve put the ad in such a prominent position!

    @Sonia – I’m hoping they offer a variety of colours for us to choose from – like the max/unmax button in the sidebar of the lens. We could just pick a colour there too. That would be nice!

    @Heather – Squidlit lenses look VERY nice. I like the title bar. And yeah – I found squidzippers and posted about it a few weeks ago – but Megan said that it had a ton of bugs and wasn’t ready for the limelight. That looks different now. SquidZippers is to be for anyone to make a lens about a particular thing, around the zip code HQ page. Cool idea. I don’t live in the USA though! So I can’t make one that will be any use to anyone 🙂

  6. charlino says:

    Overall, I like the new format – and the colors. Can’t wait to see how the traffic is going to flow, and how or if it will affect lens rank. What I have to remember is that not every one sees the same things I see. Various monitors display things differently (my old tube monitor gives things a totally different view than my flat screen). I am curious if the new format will load better for those folks who are still on dial up and still using older computers. Also, I am a little confused about maxed – unmaxed lens info. When I began squidooing, maxed lenses received more vendor ads, which helped squidoo and the lensmaster with click revenue. With the new format, other than appearance, what is/or will be the advantage of maxed over unmaxed lenses?

    Thank you for your consideration, and your squidcool blog.

  7. PotPieGirl says:

    I have a big SEO concern about the new Squidoo layout… I hope that will be ‘tweaked’ quickly.

    Other than that, I’m all for any changes that the small and dedicated staff at Squidoo implements. I would also LOVE to see an option for lensmasters to choose their background color…that would be awesome!

  8. I love the new look. The colors and the lay-out look very appealing to me. I’m too new to Squidoo to understand some of the negative reactions in the other comments. I just really like the color scheme and how it interacts with my pictures and everything else.

    -Chef Keem

  9. Donna says:

    The new look is much more eye catching and less circus like in my opinion. The rich blue, orange, and white colors provide for a very elegant look and feel.

    Thanks Lewis,

  10. andreab says:

    I dont think Ive seen any!

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