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Earning $300 a month from Squidoo

Posted on Nov 03 2007

$300 a month from Squidoo is a VERY achievable goal to have if you’ve just joined Squidoo and are looking to set some sort of goal. I even have ONE lens that earns me $500 a month. (The lens is for sale, actually. $15,000. Email me.)

It is easy to earn money from lenses….. and you’re probably managing it yourself….. but what advice would you give to a Squidoo newbie who wanted to earn $300 a month from Squidoo?

But my question is, what advice would you give someone who registered at Squidoo today who wanted to earn $300 a month from Squidoo lenses? What type of lenses would you tell them to make? What advice would you give them about money maker modules? What affiliate programs would you tell them to join? What would you tell them about what topics to write about?

What would you say?

– Lewis ๐Ÿ™‚

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Supermom says:

    Wow, I would love to know how to make that kind of $$

    I have a lens of PR4

  2. KC Lau says:

    Really like to hear your tips about getting $300 /month from a lens

  3. Loyalis says:

    Build 100 lenses of all different brands and all different types, cobrands, and goals.

    Once you have done that you start to know the right questions to ask about building profitable lenses ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Selvam says:

    $15000 is too high i think….

  5. mrlewissmile says:

    Selvam, $15,000 is for a lens that is earning $500 a month, building my mailing list by 15-20 new subscribers every single day, gets between 800 and 1000 visitors a week and has consistently done so for the last 9 months, and has one of the largest guestbooks of all lenses on Squidoo. And is in the top 150 lensrank for all lenses on Squidoo. $15,000 is no way too high. Also, it is said by many experts that each newsletter subscriber is worth to you $1 per month. I’m just heading in a different direction online.

  6. marie says:

    I really don’t know what advice I would give, as I am a newbie wanting to know the answers to those questions.


  7. […] with CJ payouts for the month of over $160 puts the month’s earnings at near $300/mo. So, Lewis’ post about earning $300/mo. from Squidoo is definitely achievable. I did it in four […]

  8. mrlewissmile says:

    Cool comments so far. Mostly people wanting to know the answers than providing answers!

    I will be writing more posts about Squidoo and MONEY.

  9. Susanne says:

    I wish I could provide an answer or 2 but cannot.

    Eventhough I have lenses on top 100, day of the lens etc. The most any of lenses have made me is $4.65 in a month.

    90% of my lenses makes about $0.01 or so per month.

    My keywords /tags probably suck.

    I am looking forward to your answer ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. steve says:

    Affiliate products are the key,also write your own Ebooks and sell them on your lenses. I am adding FFEF CB products to each of my lenses over the next week.

  11. AgentX says:

    Loyalis’ response is probably closer to the truth.

    I think you have need to create a number of lenses in a few different niches in order to get an idea of how much money you can make per month. You may find some made money for the moment (seasonal or to take advantage of a hot trend or product) , some that generate nice coin over the long haul like your $500 a month lens (nice work by the way) and others that are duds.

    The main thing I would advise (even though I’m no where near $300 per month) is to experiment and most of all, have fun.

  12. loyalis says:

    AgentX has the gist of it. Asking “how can I make more money on Squidoo?” is a lot like walking into a grocery store and asking “Is there anything to eat here?”. Until you build your first 30-50 lenses, you can’t even begin to get an idea of what kind of lenses will make you the most money. I’ve been talking to some of the others that make hundreds a month or more and without exception we almost all use different methods to make money while using the same principles.

    -Loyalis (The Captain)

  13. Katiyana says:

    Build lenses – lots of them – cover lots of categories, lots of areas of interest. Sign up for Commission Junction to add your own affiliate codes to links in your lenses.

    I’m not up to $300 yet – but I had a record payout this month, and expect it to keep going up going forward.

  14. Keeping Seth Godin’s thought process in mind.

    Make your Squidoo lens a valuable site that “points somewhere”…that is what Squidoo lenses are supposed to do, give a focused lens on a specific topic.

    Make your lens about a specific topic.

    Offer a specific gift for someone visiting, that is specific to that topic (keywords too).

    Give visitors enough valuable content to want to recommend and return.

    Almost sounds like marketing eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Joseph Ratliff
    Author of The Profitable Business Edge 2

  15. I’ll tell you what I would give to have a site doing that. I would give ALL of it’s revenue in payment for the first 3 months to whomever showed me how to get THAT kind of results. I would also not build just one of couse….so if you know someone that knows how to get those results …then let me know…I’m in the Squidoo game for more than one lens, I’m using tenacles, man!


    Tammy Dickinson

  16. Tom Van Wesemael says:

    I have a Squidoo challenge set out for myself (see URL above) to make around $500 / month at the end of next year…
    Restriction is that it has to be Squidoo money, so any affiliates are a bonus.
    So far, I’ve gotten to $75 or something, that’s with only 4 new lenses every month. So I think if you invest alot more time (I don’t ;-)) you could make $300 easy. I post what I do to reach the $500, so lots of tips (and things that didn’t really work) to read at that blog.

    Tom aka Magicality

  17. TFD says:

    Do you know or you just blowing wind to get visitors to a lens that so far has told me nothing.

  18. mrlewissmile says:

    Tom aka Magicality, that’s an excellent challenge! Out of interest, why aren’t you including the affiliate revenue from 3rd party sites? So everything else is a bonus?

  19. Glen says:

    There is something everyone who posted comments is missing. A profitable ‘page’ on the internet has a couple of important aspects.

    1. It is focused on a group of people who are interested and have money to spend
    2. It is targeted/optimized enough so that it can be found on the search engines.
    3. The amount of people searching this topic combined with the average value per person makes it worth while to spend the time and effort to build a page on it.

    So far, I have not even made one mention of squidoo but I can tell you that it is a very good tool to use AFTER you have made some market decisions.

    I cannot give you all the answers here because it would take too long. But if you head on over to you can learn this process for free.

    I did it. I had a bunch of false starts. I am on my 10th lens and I am making enough to pay my mortgage. My market is seasonal and is heating up because of the huge Xmas shopping season. In essence, only one of the various products that I am promoting is making 95% of my income.

    So, in a nutshell, instead of panning for gold in the desert, learn how to chose your market first, then use Squidoo to blow the doors off your ‘competition’ AND wow your readers so much they open their wallets.

  20. B Carter says:

    I agree with Loyalis. The best way to start generating consistent revenue from lenses is to experiment and see what works best.

    I have also found that volume is a good key. The key is to think small and specific. Instead of making a large lens about video games where you’ll be lucky to be found through a natural search by Google because the keyword is too competive, make a 5 lenses about system skins each for a particular system. Or instead of one large lens about women’s NFL jerseys, make several lenses about specific types of women’s NFL jerseys.

    You may only be making $5 per month per lens, but if you have 60 lenses making $5 per month then you’ll be making $300 a month.

    Both examples I have listed above are thought processes that have been successful for me lately. Once you start to think small picture, you’ll have all kinds of ideas open up and you won’t know where to start. At least this is what has happened to me.


  21. janusz says:

    Thanks everyone, been hanging in the background.. soaking up the tips ๐Ÿ™‚ I didยดnt realise you could make that sort of money on Squidoo …. Im off to start building Lenses.

  22. Harry says:

    Sounds interesting. I would love to earn even $1 a month. Just knowing that others are curious about all natural cleaning and helping change the way the world is cleaned, Naturally.

  23. dnuttall says:

    As of today I have 27 lenses and am lucky if I make $2 a month total. I try my best to update every day and ping but no successes like these. I don’t know how you would keep 100 lenses updated let alone profitable. I hope there are more answers following.

  24. B Carter says:


    I’ll be honest with you, I do have lenses that I haven’t updated in months and most of them take a beating. I try to take 5 minutes every day to tweak a lens or two. I also try to build at least one lens a day, but I’m not always successful with this.

  25. Shane says:

    Hey all, great conversation! For dnuttall, I’ve found that the advice given about throwing a wide net and seeing what works is really excellent advice. The next is to have above the minimum modules. I find more modules means more keywords, more good information, and more visitors–I’m also suspecting that more modules at least in a minor way helps LensRank. Two lenses I thought would be homeruns have only been fair to middlin’, while my highest rated lens I thought would be junk, but it was niched and does well enough that it tends to stay top 1,000 without me doing anything else, and that page made the most affiliate sales as well. So make pages you’re passionate about, find good niche keywords (I like Google’s Keyword finder the best) and good luck!

  26. marie says:

    So far, I have $0.18 in my account…….


  27. B Carter says:


    Thanks for the Google keyword tool tip.

    I have also found that a lens which I thought was niche enough, really wasn’t after all. This was after the lens had been published for about a week. I often find even more specific keywords to build a lens on when looking at my search keywords under my stats. I love finding gems like that because I know people really are looking for that item so doing this is almost a hit from the start.

  28. dawg99pound says:

    Wow, so much knowledge here. I am excited about this venture. I learned of Squidoo about a week ago and just got enough time to check it out.

  29. lisadh says:

    I joined Squidoo at the end of August and made just over a dollar before donations that month. In September, I made about $8 before donations. I’m still waiting to see how I’ll do in October, but I think $300 a month is a very achievable goal in a short period if you include outside affiliate revenue.

    My suggestions would be:
    1) pick niche keywords
    2) write good content about your topic
    3) add relevant affiliate links from the major networks (CJ, LinkShare, Performics)
    4) add your lens to a variety of Squidoo groups
    5) leave ratings and reviews on other related lenses with a hyperlink back to your own

    This is what I’ve done. I don’t know how much revenue I’ll get from Squidoo for October until now, but I do know that my network affiliate links have earned about $90 in the last 35 days, so I’m thrilled.

  30. BadMsM says:

    I have had better luck with Squidoo earnings than affiliate links. Some of my highest earnings lenses have been more for collectible type items, niche markets, etc. My advice is:

    Be unique

    Research your topic and include good, solid content on your lens

    Join groups

    Be active in SquidU and here- you’ll learn a lot

    Visit the Top 100 lenses and see what they are doing & how the lenses are formatted

    Use relevant keywords (and include them in your content!)

    Have a great week!

  31. […] and while I haven’t seen him report exact earnings, he said one of his lenses earns him $500 a month in a post he made on his […]

  32. khassandra says:

    I really need this info as I’m new to Squidoo. One way, I think is to write articles from different niches then try to compare which ones will give you more traffic and revenue. Those that are well performing, you concentrate on that topic and then promote, promote, promote…

  33. klara says:

    Great post!Very interesting and nice site.

  34. Eric says:

    I am in month 1 with Squidoo and have only posted 2 lenses.

    My goal is to dominate a handful of key words that I have selected based on the industry that I work in offline. It seems to be very competitive with 1 mil – 32 mil search results depending on the key words.

    ex. Nylon Air Brake Tubing, push connect, nylon air brake, and others…

    I am on the 1st and 2nd page for these and other related key words so far and am seeing about 20-30 unique views a day from Google.

    I was very surprised that it ONLY took 1 day to get to the top of 20 million in 1 case!

    Not real sure which direction I want to go yet; thinking about building a large link wheel and funneling all traffic to a blog or my company website. ?

    I am just having fun tweeking and making minor changes and seeing how they affect my search engine ranking and traffic for now.

    Not sure who to believe on making $100’s of dollars a day on this stuff; but if 1 man can do it, so can I.

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