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Posted on Jul 28 2007

Ok, so I have been asked about 6 million times by people if I can make them a lens. Most offered money (and some didn’t…)!

I finally wised up and joined forces with ex-ghostwriter-to-the-gurus now internet-marketing-extraordinaire Tiffany Dow (author of the first ever Squidoo ebook) and together we have launched

Tiffany, trained as a journalist and has had a career as a ghostwriter to some of the big names in internet marketing, takes care of the content of the lens, registers the correct URL, and gives it a snappy and inviting title.

I then add perfectly-fitting images, I format the text to guide the eye down the page, add tags to help your lens get found, and add it to a relevant group or two. Then bookmark it on 11 different social bookmarking sites.

The lens will then be transfered to you, and you will be the sole owner of it. You are free to do with the lens as you wish. Heck, you can even delete it. It’s yours.

We will then send you our Lensmaster Cheatsheet, which is a short ebook we wrote together that gives you specific quick-and-easy action steps to add to your to-do list to help your lens is found by the right audience, gets the visitors you want, and makes more sales as a result. Tips for maintenance, changes, and everything else we thought of. It’s your answer to the ‘What now?’ question right after you publish a lens, and will help you get your new expertly built lens promoted the right way.

To see some of the lenses we’ve built together already, take a look at

And to order your own lens, check out

And if you have any questions just contact me!

– Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. John says:

    Cool idea, and I can see why people may not have the time to build a lens to market their goods, services or what have you, but it takes away the fun of creating it yourself! Take for instance my lens on Dog Beds. It took me many hours to put it all together, but I feel it was a great accomplishment and I’ve met alot of people and many awesome lenses. Just my 2 cents 😀

  2. Gray says:

    It might be a good idea to have someone else build your lens if you don’t have the time.

  3. Tom says:

    Not related but…
    Hey ! you won the squidoo love lens !!
    Congrats !

  4. kim says:

    I wish I would have started out having someone else build my first few lenses for me, so I would have gotten off on the right foot. It took me like a year of building lenses before I finally got it down.

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