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How I’m going to use TwitterStorm

Posted on Jan 16 2009

Yesterday Squidoo launched their newest clever creation. It’s called TwitterStorm and is a clever merge between a lens and Twitter.

You make a question lens, kind of like Yahoo Answers meets Squidoo, and people can write and vote answers via Twitter.

When they participate by answering your question a link to your lens appears on their Twitter profile page to all their Twitter followers. And if those followers participate then their followers see the link too. And on it goes…

It’s a viral creation. And it’s really rather slick. The Squidoo HQ people are quite a clever bunch.

You can see a nice example of a Twitter Storm lens here, and you can make your own here.

The whole Twitter Storm concept has given me some really cool ideas.

Yahoo answers gets a ton of visitors from google when people search for the same question, not just the keywords. For example instead of searching for ‘Best BlackBerry App’ they might search for ‘What are the best blackberry apps?’.

So I’m thinking.. I make a bunch of lenses to test this out and turn Squidoo TwitterStorm lenses into yahoo answer-type google traffic magnets. Phew! That’s something of a mouthful.

Handy use of guestbook modules, polls, and the Twitter storm tool itself could result in a really interactive, useful and viral page.
It’s definitely worth testing.

I have made a list of about 50 questions I am going to turn into lenses.

And if it turns out that a guestbook would have worked better than the new TwitterStorm tool then that’s something we will have to investigate…

How are you going to use Twitter Storm?

Lewis 🙂

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Lewis Smile

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  1. Bigjim says:

    Nice post. Thanks for your thoughts on this new Squidoo format. I’ve created one for the new social site tagfoot.

  2. MiMi says:

    To triple quote you: Slick, slick, slick.

    Has great potential and am looking forward to seeing how it grows. Thanks for the ideas. I haven’t thought out a plan like you have, but was extremely motivated by TWTTRSTRM (sure wish Squidoo could have afforded those vowels) enough by its potential to make my quickest lens ever. 🙂

  3. Poddys says:

    Good thinking, I like the idea about coming up with some popular questions, ones that are going to attract some extensive responses and traffic.

    Turning Squidoo viral is a great idea, although I wonder what the quality of some of the TwttrStrm lenses will be like. In their basic form they are little more than a Duel module.

    My first ( was published last night.

  4. Fran and Rowena says:

    Thanks for the post! We created our first Twttstrm here for real estate market updates:

  5. JaguarJulie says:

    I tried TwttrStrm late yesterday for the first time. It looks very cool how it is integrated to post directly to Twitter and then feed onto the lens. I like it — now just need to spiffy up that lens so that everyone drops by and weighs in. Oh, BTW, Lewis–very cool post! 😉

  6. Joan Adams says:

    I really do like the new twttrstrm! I have made two. One had good response – one very little. I like the idea of getting to know some of the folks on twitter better – and this is a great way to do it- if they visit. Also a great way to test the market in general.

  7. aj2008 says:

    For someone who usually takes a few days to put together and publish a lens, the Twttrstrm lenses are great! However, the temptation is to do lots…Am resisting the temptation and will pace myself!

  8. JOOLOO says:

    Great idea. It should really take off.

  9. Lewis says:

    These twitter storms you guys are posting are good! Does anyone else have any they are super proud of?

  10. legbamel says:

    I’ve made a pair, myself, mostly seeking recommendations from others. They’re fun and very easy to make. Some of my traffic has come from people actually seeking out a Yahoo Answers page on the same topic!

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