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Unbelievable Lens Categories Now Available!

Posted on Jan 05 2011

Squidoo has now gone live with their new lens categories… and blimey… there are hundreds of them! You can choose from topics as broad as “Entertainment and Media” and as specific as “History of Atheism and Skepticism”. They’ve done a brilliant job. The hard part for us (if you have a lot of lenses) is logging in with the task of re-categorizing everything....

6 Best Places To Bookmark Your Lenses

Posted on Jun 10 2010

If I’ve missed out your favourite bookmarking site, post it below in the comments!  You may even win a cookie. If you want to start getting more visitors to your lenses, this list is a great place to start! Remember. Every time you submit your lens to a bookmarking site make sure you add the keywords you want to rank for as the tags. 1. JumpTags I love JumpTags. You can bookmark images, links,...

Pinging Your Lenses

Posted on Sep 27 2009

WHAT IS A PING? Any time you update certain webpages or publish a new blog post or lens, you can send a Ping for it. A Ping is a little signal your new updated page sends to various search engines and directories. A ping is the online equivalent of your new lens running up to Google’s doorstep and ringing the doorbell. It’s a way for your lens to go out and get attention, shouting “I’m...

Free SEO Lens Content: Words From YouTube!

Posted on Jul 23 2009

Tiffany Dow, Social Media Smarty and my business partner at, has posted a great tip on her blog. How to get free [and easy] content for your lens from YouTube: “Many marketers are being taught that video is a required element of their online success (and I agree). So if you go to YouTube you’ll find thousands (millions?) of videos for your niche on there by experts. Those video...

Could you run an Offline Squidoo Business?

Posted on Jun 03 2009

Here’s an interesting idea. Do a google search right now for driving lessons + your city  For example, for me it’s Driving Lessons Cardiff. Stick yours into Google and see what comes up. Knowing what you know about how Squidoo lenses rank in google, do you think you could rank in the top 5? Try something else. Maybe Personal Trainer CITY, or Car Cleaning CITY, or Plumber CITY. Try anything! Can...

Backlinks – Your Google Ranking JetPack

Posted on Dec 30 2008

What will get your higher up in the search results? Backlinks. A backlink is when another webpage or blog or lens links to your lens. They ‘link back’ to you, as if they are voting for you by linking to you. They trust you, and are willing to link to you. A backlink is also known as an Inbound link, or an Incoming link. When Google determines how high in the results to put your lens they...

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