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Adding your EzineArticles Author Feed To Your Lenses

Posted on May 20 2010

For all the EzineArticles authors out there… make sure your lens visitors can find your articles! While this method won’t count as backlinks, it will help drive traffic to your articles. Great for when you’re making a lens about a niche that you also publish about at EZA. It’s important to keep your visitors in “your published web” as much as possible to maximize...

Video #4: Lens Case Study – RSS and Pinging

Posted on May 16 2010

You can read more about pinging your lenses here. And you can find your lensmaster RSS feeds here. And you can find your lens RSS feed at the following URL: – Lewis 😉 P.S. This is the 4th video case study post. See the others at the links below…

Edit Your Lens Sidebars Now!

Posted on Mar 18 2010

Squidoo has just gone live with an incredible new feature. They’ve just announced “sidebar widgets”, which means you get even more control over the sidebar of your lenses. We pretty much have modules for our lens sidebars! There are 4 types of widgets: * RSS Widget * Amazon Spotlight * Featured Lenses * Recent Squidcasts Widget. This is completely 100% necessary for every marketer....

Backlinks 1: The obvious #1!

Posted on Jan 11 2009

********************* This blog post is part 1 in theGoogle Jetpack: Backlinksseries of posts.********************* This is the easiest source of backlinks for your lenses. Your other lenses! If you get 1 person looking at 1 of your lenses, you have just had 1 chance of a sale. If you manage to get that person to look at another one of your (related) lenses then you have just doubled your chances...

Making Your List Of Lenses Into An RSS Feed

Posted on May 31 2007

The RSS module is a wonderful module for publishing fresh content on your lens, but because of a lensmaster called thefluffanutta it can also now be used to display your top lenses, in lensrank order. You know the order you see them on your ‘My Lenses’ screen? Your visitors can now see the links to them on your lens in the RSS module. If you go to you’ll...

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