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Edit Your Lens Sidebars Now!

Posted on Mar 18 2010

Squidoo has just gone live with an incredible new feature. They’ve just announced “sidebar widgets”, which means you get even more control over the sidebar of your lenses. We pretty much have modules for our lens sidebars! There are 4 types of widgets: * RSS Widget * Amazon Spotlight * Featured Lenses * Recent Squidcasts Widget. This is completely 100% necessary for every marketer....

Squidoo and Facebook Get Married

Posted on Jan 27 2009

Go, Squidoo, Go! Squidoo has added some cool Facebook Connect connections. Here is how the wonderful and beautiful and talented Megan Casey explains SquidooConnect: “SquidooConnect is like a bridge between Squidoo and Facebook. It helps your friends cross over to see your lenses, and helps you cross over to talk to people about your lenses on Facebook. It’s up to you how often you use it!” She...

How I’m going to use TwitterStorm

Posted on Jan 16 2009

Yesterday Squidoo launched their newest clever creation. It’s called TwitterStorm and is a clever merge between a lens and Twitter. You make a question lens, kind of like Yahoo Answers meets Squidoo, and people can write and vote answers via Twitter. When they participate by answering your question a link to your lens appears on their Twitter profile page to all their Twitter followers. And if...

The New Lens Workshop: A Review

Posted on Dec 18 2008

A whole new Lens Workshop went live today, so if you log in to any of your lenses you’ll see the new 2.0 version ready to wow you. It’s shiny, bubbly-looking, and clean. The best thing for you to do is check it out! Go now and edit a lens. It’ll be a nice surprise. A couple of people have asked me what I think of it, so I thought I would post a proper review instead of just a couple...

FINALLY: Why Squidoo Tags Are Useless

Posted on Oct 12 2008

Finally! My post about Squidoo Tags is ready. There has been a LOT going on in my life since I wrote that last post, but bit by bit I’ve been chipping away at this beast. So here goes ๐Ÿ™‚ Why Squidoo Tags Are Useless Things change. Goal posts move. And it is our job to keep up with the moves and revaluate what is working and what is not, what brings results and what does not, and what is worth...

New: Categories!

Posted on Sep 09 2008

Exciting times. Squidoo has just created 10 new categories for us to play with. They have added a couple that probably could/should have been added from the beginning (like Home & Garden!) and they added a couple that are more of an experiment than anything else (like Duel and the potentially-troublesome Work at Home). Here is the list of new categories: * Books * About me * Humor * Home &...

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