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Video #2: Lens Case Study – Guestbooks and Comments

Posted on May 16 2010

Even though this video is old, it’s good advice. About updating your lenses constantly… I leave that mostly to guestbook modules and other interactive modules. I don’t tend to keep adding stuff myself. BUT: Updating your tags is good idea!

#1 Most Important Thing… About Guestbooks

Posted on Oct 30 2009

If you’ve put Guestbook modules on your lenses, and you have 10+ published, you’ll be very familiar with the kind of comments I’m talking about here. If a guestbook comment doesn’t say anything interesting, and add to the conversation, DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT DELETING IT. Don’t think just because someone left you a comment you have to publish it for all the world to...

Getting More Star Ratings

Posted on May 15 2009

Tim ‘thefluffanutta‘, has made many great Squidoo tools. Every one of his creations has a dear place in all our hearts… And they just keep getting better! His latest creation is the Lens Love Module. How many times have you visited a lens, got to the bottom of it, and forgotten to rate it? If you’re like me, probably lots. Tim’s Lens Love module will put a nice row of...

New Module: Be a Super Charity Squid!

Posted on Sep 08 2008

Squidoo has just uploaded a new module. Check it out. Edit one of your charity lenses, click Add Modules, and add the new Donations module. A lot of work has gone into this module, you can tell. Every charity is represented well, with logos and write-ups. What It Does And How It Does It: The module opens and looks just like a normal Text module. But instead of a box for you to upload an image there...

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