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Using Squidoo for Marketing Purposes, or , Some Basic Squidoo Advice

Posted on Mar 28 2010

To Internet Marketers, Squidoo is a way to get high rankings in Google. Squidoo has a high page rank, and many backlinks pointing to it, and building pages is a super easy process. If you want to venture into a new niche as an experiment, Squidoo is the way to go. See how easy it is to compete on page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords. You don’t need to buy a domain name either. It’s...

The $2000 Lens Challenge

Posted on Nov 09 2009

Joe from CaptainSquid is back from many adventures, with a new challenge for himself and anyone who wants to follow along. Joe will attempt to get a brand new lensmaster account from $0 to $2000-per-month, using only the tools available to all lensmasters. So anyone will be able to emulate his success. If you are able to join in, do it. Go for it. You can read more here and here. Good luck Joe! Lewis

The New Text Link Ads VS Your Own Intro Link Ads

Posted on Jul 19 2009

Cashing In On The Lessons Learned The Bad: Have you seen the new Text Ads that appear automatically on all your lenses? If you haven’t go now and take a look at one of your lenses. There will be 3 links on your lenses in green, and hovering over them will pop up an ad box. Personally I hate these kinds of ads and have opted out of them. Whenever I visit a website that uses these ads I am VERY...

Could you run an Offline Squidoo Business?

Posted on Jun 03 2009

Here’s an interesting idea. Do a google search right now for driving lessons + your city  For example, for me it’s Driving Lessons Cardiff. Stick yours into Google and see what comes up. Knowing what you know about how Squidoo lenses rank in google, do you think you could rank in the top 5? Try something else. Maybe Personal Trainer CITY, or Car Cleaning CITY, or Plumber CITY. Try anything! Can...

Are you making the most of your lenses?

Posted on Feb 16 2009

Are you doing everything you can to earn money from your lenses? Are you using every opportunity to earn money from your lenses and make every sale you can? Don’t beat yourself up about it. I wrote this lost as a guide for me to begin with. Here are some things to consider: Are you adding affiliate links [to trusted products] within the text, linking keywords and phrases? Do you have a module...

The $7,500 lens

Posted on Jan 28 2009

Do you treat your lensmaking as a hobby or a business? I would guess that more than 99.9% of lensmasters treat their lensmaking time as a hobby. It pays rather nicely if you hit upon a great niche idea and write up some great content, but most of the time people are making lenses it’s probably more fun than work. If it felt like work they probably wouldn’t do it as much, in their free time...

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