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Jazzing Up Your Lenses With Some Simple Images

Posted on Aug 10 2008

I have a set of images I pretty much use on each lens I make. You may well recognize some of them. One of them is the RSS image you see just to the right here. The ball. It’s a cool looking RSS image, don’t you think? So what do I do with it? Simple. Every time I use an RSS module to feature some blog posts on a lens, I put this image in the Module Description box. It is set for the text...

Coolest little squidlet ever

Posted on Jul 04 2008

The super-genius thefluffanutta, creator of, has just created something else. The things he makes are always easy to understand, simple to use, and really really cool. And one of his latest creations is a nice little image you can put on your blog/lens/website that will display how many people are in your Squidoo fan club. Here is mine: If I get one more fan today… the image...

HubPages – Better than Squidoo?

Posted on May 19 2008

Hello dear reader. You look lovely today. Question: Are you a member of HubPages? You will surely by now have heard of HubPages. Surely. If not, get on over to and sign up! HubPages is a site very much like Squidoo. But with enough differences to be able to tell they are not trying to be or copy Squidoo. There are as many differences as there are similarities, and this will be a short...

HOW (and WHY) to start a blog for your lenses!

Posted on May 01 2008

Hello hello hello..! Fun post today. Blog your socks off. “Blogging and lenses go together like Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too… So do YOU have a blog for your lenses?” ****************************** FIRSTLY, WHY WOULD YOU WANT A BLOG? ****************************** Blogs are fun. Blogs are free. Blogs are fabulous. And blogs are FINDABLE! It is extremely difficult now to do a search...

How To Add An Opt-In Form To Your Lens (updated)

Posted on Oct 06 2007

From one of my lenses I built a newsletter autoresponder list of over 1200 people in about 3 months, making sales of over $3000. Just by adding a simple piece of code to one of the modules on the lens. Called an Iframe. I was rather pleased with myself. You may recall coming across the lens ‘How to add an opt-in form to your lens’. I wrote that guide showing people how to use the Iframe...

New Guestbook Image

Posted on Aug 11 2007

I just made an image that I’m now using on the lenses I’m making for, and I thought you might want to use it too. So there it is below. I used a really cool logo creator I just bought and I made a few for some different things. The logo I made is below, and also the code for you to use if you want to put it onto your lenses. You can see it on the Tagging Tricks lens. he...

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