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Jazzing Up Your Lenses With Some Simple Images

Posted on Aug 10 2008

I have a set of images I pretty much use on each lens I make. You may well recognize some of them. One of them is the RSS image you see just to the right here. The ball. It’s a cool looking RSS image, don’t you think? So what do I do with it? Simple. Every time I use an RSS module to feature some blog posts on a lens, I put this image in the Module Description box. It is set for the text...

Making text appear in bold and italics

Posted on Aug 19 2007

When you are in any module (but not the ebay module) you can really really easily make any text appear bold or in italics, or both. It really is easy, so at first I wasn’t too sure about posting it here. But if you are new to Squidoo you may have never needed to know this method of making text bold. So here it is! To make a line appear in bold or italics, you have you have to use what is called...

How to insert an image (and have text wrap around it)

Posted on Jun 11 2007

You know you can add an image to your lens using a normal text module? Did you know you can embed an image into the module without that upload feature? On the left side of the module? Click here to see an example. To embed an image into the module just like the one you see in the example module linked to above (and also the picture of the Squid right here in this blog post) you will need to have...

How To Add A Banner To Your Lens

Posted on Jun 10 2007

Have you seen a lens with a banner in one of the modules? Although the effectiveness of banner ads has fallen to an all time low (with text links taking the lead), you may have a banner you just REALLY want to display. Whatever the reason, here is how to insert a banner ad into a Text Module. 1. Add a text module to your lens 2. Paste this code into the box: <p align=”center”><a...

Adding a simple text link (not in a link module)

Posted on Jun 07 2007

Adding a link to your lens is as easy as typing the word hello. Let’s say your sentence was this: “Raymond was a loaf of bread, and he liked to travel round the world”. Let’s also say you wanted to make the word ‘travel’ a link to your lens about travel, so it would look like this: “Raymond was a loaf of bread, and he liked to travel round the world”. So...

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