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Pinging Your Lenses

Posted on Sep 27 2009

WHAT IS A PING? Any time you update certain webpages or publish a new blog post or lens, you can send a Ping for it. A Ping is a little signal your new updated page sends to various search engines and directories. A ping is the online equivalent of your new lens running up to Google’s doorstep and ringing the doorbell. It’s a way for your lens to go out and get attention, shouting “I’m...

Rule Number 1: Get Blogging!

Posted on Dec 10 2008

I’ve written about the importance of blogging before, and like in any good friendship I feel like I can talk about the same topics again and again. So here it is. Blog About Your Topic and Your Lenses! If you are making Lenses on Squidoo to earn yourself any kind of money, you need a blog too. If only to blog about every new lens you make. I have put together a few lenses lately to push you to...

How to get your own Super-Auto-Promoting Blog

Posted on Jun 27 2008

Hey guys! If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know of my past few posts about the power of blogging. And I had a whole bunch of people email me asking for help setting up their blogs. So, I did something about it! I have just launched a new blog service, with an absolute TON piled in. Your blog posts will bookmark themselves, post themselves to twitter, ping themselves, and even...

Squidoo promotes your lens for you, on Twitter!

Posted on Jun 08 2008

The time has come! Your Squidoo account is getting more integrated with other social networking sites! Now, on your profile is a space to enter your username and password. And you save it in Squidoo just like you save your name and bio. Then, the next time you publish a lens you will see a little link in the green flashing box that pops up (the one that tells you that your lens has been...

More blogging confusion… .com, .org, .help!

Posted on May 09 2008

I’ve had a couple of emails and comments from people asking what the difference is between and, and where they should start their blog. So here we go…. WordPress For Dummies 🙂 WordPress is a platform. A big whole pile of code that, when all put together, forms a blog. WordPress is NOT a website. It is a platform. So if you want to start a wordpress blog you...

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