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6 Best Places To Bookmark Your Lenses

Posted on Jun 10 2010

If I’ve missed out your favourite bookmarking site, post it below in the comments!  You may even win a cookie. If you want to start getting more visitors to your lenses, this list is a great place to start! Remember. Every time you submit your lens to a bookmarking site make sure you add the keywords you want to rank for as the tags. 1. JumpTags I love JumpTags. You can bookmark images, links,...

Automatic Twitter Posting: Automate Your Twitter Account

Posted on Jul 08 2009

Squidoo and Twitter have quite a nice little relationship going. You can feature your latest Tweets in your lens, you can build a Twttrlist list lens, or a Twttrstrm lens, and of course just promote your latest lenses on Twitter! So I thought I would put together a nice and easy list of…. Some ways to automate your Twitter account: 1. Schedule Tweets: With SocialOomph you can set up as many...

Backlinks #2: Don’t forget the Google-smashing Groups

Posted on Jan 18 2009

The #2 source of backlinks for your lenses are Squidoo Groups. Squidoo groups have really begun to prove themselves in Google. In almost all cases they outrank lenses, get a higher PageRank, and get more backlinks naturally than lenses. That’s right. Groups are outranking lenses in Google. This means is would be incredibly wise for you to add Squidoo groups to your list of Google Ranking Weapons. For...

Backlinks 1: The obvious #1!

Posted on Jan 11 2009

********************* This blog post is part 1 in theGoogle Jetpack: Backlinksseries of posts.********************* This is the easiest source of backlinks for your lenses. Your other lenses! If you get 1 person looking at 1 of your lenses, you have just had 1 chance of a sale. If you manage to get that person to look at another one of your (related) lenses then you have just doubled your chances...

Backlinks – Your Google Ranking JetPack

Posted on Dec 30 2008

What will get your higher up in the search results? Backlinks. A backlink is when another webpage or blog or lens links to your lens. They ‘link back’ to you, as if they are voting for you by linking to you. They trust you, and are willing to link to you. A backlink is also known as an Inbound link, or an Incoming link. When Google determines how high in the results to put your lens they...

HubPages – Better than Squidoo?

Posted on May 19 2008

Hello dear reader. You look lovely today. Question: Are you a member of HubPages? You will surely by now have heard of HubPages. Surely. If not, get on over to and sign up! HubPages is a site very much like Squidoo. But with enough differences to be able to tell they are not trying to be or copy Squidoo. There are as many differences as there are similarities, and this will be a short...

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