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Backlinks #2: Don’t forget the Google-smashing Groups

Posted on Jan 18 2009

The #2 source of backlinks for your lenses are Squidoo Groups.

Squidoo groups have really begun to prove themselves in Google. In almost all cases they outrank lenses, get a higher PageRank, and get more backlinks naturally than lenses.

That’s right. Groups are outranking lenses in Google.

This means is would be incredibly wise for you to add Squidoo groups to your list of Google Ranking Weapons.

For Example: If you just made a lens about The Little Shop of Horrors, make a group for it too. You can target a slightly different keyword/phrase, add your lens to the group and feature it on the group homepage, and your lens sidebar will automatically link to the group.

Squidoo Groups have been partially hidden by Squidoo HQ because they haven’t had the time to devote to making them better as they have with lenses.

This means your groups don’t show on your lensmaster page, and the Workshop Edit mode tools are still very old compared to the fancy new workshop mode we have for making lenses. 

But they are still extremely powerful in Google. I have been looking lately at which Squidoo pages are ranking well in Google, and Groups always come up top. Above lenses with more content, even.

So start making companion groups to go with the lenses you want to get traffic to!

This is something I have not done enough of and am really going to start putting a lot of energy into.

Have you had good results with groups yet?

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

Lewis Smile is a Writer, Blogger, Web Geek, and very much a daydreamer. He helps people for a living, and works online. See the Contact Info page to say hi. Find out more about him here.

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  1. Art Haule says:

    “Squidoo groups have really begun to prove themselves in Google. In almost all cases they outrank lenses, get a higher PageRank, and get more backlinks naturally than lenses.”

    Okay, that means Squidoo Groups are good.

    “This means is would be incredibly wise for you to add Google groups to your list of Google Ranking Weapons.”

    So I need to be in Google Groups. Did you mean Squidoo Groups in the second quote, Google Groups in the first quote, or both in both quotes?

  2. gia combs-ramirez says:

    Yes, I’ve had amazing results and almost immediately. I created a group that featured all of my “products” and titled it after myself. I waited a day and googled my name. My squidoo group came up 2nd in the search out 1330 entries associated with my name. I was impressed! (I just checked again and it was 5th).

    • MrLewisSmile says:

      @Gia – It’s really amazing how fast Squidoo works sometimes!
      @Paul – I am considering making more groups than lenses because of this! 😉

  3. Paul Barton says:

    hi lewis another great post – and the idea works – all you have to do is study what the giants do and it then becomes obvious.

  4. Pamela says:

    I am new to blogging and there is so much to learn. I love your blog, chock full of wonderful lessons and information. Thanks

  5. JOOLOO says:

    So much to learn. Thanks for all this. I better get to work.

  6. Your post on tags and their current impotence (thanks for the explanation) and now groups are virile and receive more attention from Google, I understand. However, why were groups created in the first place, and what is the intended purpose and function of a group? And best use?


  7. I haven’t made any of my own groups, but do add my lenses to groups that others have made. Does that help, too?

  8. Brett Jarvi says:

    I have always wondered about squidoo groups. I need to get on with it.

  9. MrLewisSmile says:

    To anyone reading this since 2010… Groups are now dead and buried!

    Squidoo killed them off to focus solely on lenses instead.

    See more info here:

    – Lewis

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