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The (Even Better) Best Ever Squidoo Advice

Posted on Mar 20 2011

On I’ve asked the visitors a few times what they think the best Squidoo advice is, and they always say “make lots of lenses”. Why is this? Because there’s no better way to learn than through experience. Simple: Build lots of lenses, and see how the experts do it. If you observe the successful people, and copy their methods, and repeat it many times, you can’t...

Will Twitter Follow Bots Ruin Twitter?

Posted on Mar 13 2011

I don’t think so. A Twitter follow bot, like TweetAdder, can automate certain Twitter tasks for you. And if a Twitter user (doing everything manually) could complete her tasks 10x faster, that’s a win for her!  If her tasks help her connect with more of the right people, and she’s not a spammer, that’s a win for everybody else too. Here’s why. If a spammer signs up on...

Auto Post on Twitter

Posted on Mar 10 2011

To automate your Twitter account you can not only use a friend adder to get more followers and to also schedule and automate posting. Everytime you publish a new lens on Squidoo, or put a photo on flickr, or publish a blog post, or an article on an article directory, you can push the update to your twitter profile automatically. You’ll need to join TwitterFeed, that’s your first step. TwitterFeed...

Direct Message All Twitter Followers AT ONCE

Posted on Mar 08 2011

Do you want to send out a Direct MEssage Broadcast to all your Twitter followers? Want to broadcast a message to everyone in one go?   Sending out a Direct Message Broadcast isn’t a core feature of Twitter itself. I imagine it’s not actually a feature that would enhance Twitter for most users. Imagine the abuse! There is a way to do it though. And hopefully you won’t abuse...

Buy Twitter Accounts: DIY?

Posted on Mar 02 2011

Most internet marketers realise they need to be on Twitter because not only are their customers on there, but so are their competitors! Some marketers then make the mistake of thinking they can just buy a ready-made Twitter account and go from there… But I wouldn’t recommend that. Why? The followers won’t be targeted to their niche You don’t know how slow or fast the account...

Get 1000 Followers on Twitter

Posted on Feb 25 2011

I’m posting this because I’m getting more and more questions about Twitter on here. Twitter is an ok way to promote your lenses and blog posts, but WARNING: don’t rely on any 1 traffic source. To use Twitter for traffic to your sites and links you need followers. If you don’t have followers you don’t have anything. It would be like putting up a billboard under the sea. You...

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