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Earning More Cash With Amazon Text Links

Posted on Dec 12 2007

Tiffany Dow just posted at her blog about some more sales she made on some of her lenses. And how she made them.

You know the amazon module you have on some of your lenses? With the product images and price info? Well Tiff uses that too, and also some direct text links woven into her content, and she’s noticed that they perform just as well, if not better. I guess it depends on your subject (some gamers, for example, might like seeing the game cover pics, and webkinz fans would want to see the animals), but it’s definitely worth thinking about. Because the proof is in the cash earned at the end of each day.

Here is what Tiff says:

“I created my Top Toddler Toys lens on Squidoo and it’s going magnificently! So far, in the past 7 days, it’s earned $74.58 in direct links to Amazon and another $20+ via Squidoo co-op modules, like the built-in Amazon or eBay modules.

I’ve discovered people are buying way more through text links than they do product image links. I don’t know why. Maybe they feel like a text link will just give more information, so they click it without feeling the pressure to spend money. With a product link, you have a Buy button and the retail amount posted right there.

I like them anyway. I use the product links that Amazon helps you build on my blog entries, but for my Squidoo lenses, since you can no longer use iFrames, I use SquidUtils to build the same thing. These are great because they give you built-in images for your lens, and I hate lenses that are nothing but text!

Yesterday, my toddler lens sold some direct co-op module products, but from my direct link I sold a LeapFrog ClickStart My First Computer, a Calico Critters NORWOOD MOUSE TWINS, and a Hasbro Playskool Mr. Potato Head Pirate Kit. It only earned $3.25 yesterday, but another day this week, I earned over $50!

Guess it just depends on who lands on your lens, and ya gotta love those consumers who buy a PlayStation 3 through your link!”

You can read Tiffany’s blog at
And you can see all her lenses here:

You can use to generate you some text links for amazon products, even if you’re not an amazon affiliate. And there is an excellent guide on how to do this here.

Have a profitable day,

Lewis 🙂

Lewis Smile

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  1. Susan says:

    Thanks, Lewis, for sharing Tiff’s latest great tip.

    I think people click on the text links because they don’t realize they’re going to the same place as the product links. The amazon product links look like they’re there for people who are ready to buy, where the text links seem to be there solely to provide more information for those who aren’t ready to make a commitment. Isn’t it great that we can provide both types of links to our visitors?

    A place for every link and every link in its place! Hooray for amazon links of all kinds!

  2. GuyHenri says:

    Interesting Lewis,

    Actually I was trying to figure out how to choose products from Amazon UK, cause I guess Squidoo is automatically picking Amazon USA products, unless you can supply ASIN???

    I noticed that products only available thru third party sellers do not have an ASIN but copying the URL in goes so fast! Thanks for the tips!!!

    Finally I got my first lens posted
    Still need to correct some stupid mistakes I made!!
    But thanks a lot for Squidutils!!

  3. I’ve just updated the Amazon Link tool so that it will produce plain text links too.

  4. Denise says:

    Wish my Verizon and Wii lenses were producing like Tiff’s were. I have change some to some plain text also. I also like the Amazon Recommends module.

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