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6 Best Places To Bookmark Your Lenses

Posted on Jun 10 2010

If I’ve missed out your favourite bookmarking site, post it below in the comments!  You may even win a cookie.

If you want to start getting more visitors to your lenses, this list is a great place to start!

Remember. Every time you submit your lens to a bookmarking site make sure you add the keywords you want to rank for as the tags.

1. JumpTags

I love JumpTags. You can bookmark images, links, videos, your lens RSS feed, and even just a block of text.  The real power of JumpTags comes from how well they rank in search results.  At least for a week or two, I’ve bookmarked my lens on JumpTags and had it outrank the lens itself in Google!

It’s a great way to own more of the first page of search results, pushing your competition down even further.

NOTE: It’s important to tag your submissions with your target keywords.

Join JumpTags here

2. Digg

Like JumpTags, the main reason I bookmark my lenses on Digg is not for Diggers to find my submission – it’s because Digg ranks well in Google, which gives you even greater claim over Page 1 of the results. Digg is popular (even despite recent news), and ranks well.

Join Digg here

3. Delicious

There are some people who believe that the more time your link is added to Delicious the better you’ll rank in Yahoo search (Yahoo owns Delicious). Maybe it’s true. I don’t know. It could be used as an indicator of quality though.  Anyway…

I haven’t seen any actual Delicious pages in search results for a long long time, but I do still get traffic to links I submitted years ago.  Delicious is worth using.

Join Delicious here


A Lens-Only bookmarking site (created by Lensmaster N376), gets a lot of other lensmasters exploring the links, has an AdSense revenue share, and ranks quite well in Google.

The revenue share can earn you some money from ads just like your lenses, and the fact that tons of other lensmasters use the site means your lens can get good ratings and guestbook comments you otherwise wouldn’t get.

NOTE: Don’t submit all your lenses in one go. The site has a rule of about 3 submissions per day.

Join Lensroll here

5. StumbleUpon

The Ultimate Discovery Tool.  StumbleUpon has a huge database of interesting links submitted by a huge network of people.  Users tell StumbleUpon what they’re interested in, and they get shown site after site after site just by clicking a “Stumble” button. It’s a brilliant way to spend MANY hours exploring…

Adding your lens can get you some huge spikes in traffic, but don’t expect it to be a consistent reliable form of traffic generation.  It’s great fun though, and an audience you may not reach otherwise.

NOTE: Make sure your lens is interesting!  Sales lenses won’t do well on StumbleUpon.

Join StumbleUpon here

6. Your Other Lenses!

Often forgotten, incredibly effective.  Link all your related lenses together, bounce visitors between them, and keep visitors in your small corner of the web for longer.

You can link to your related lenses from within the regular text, you can add a Featured Lenses module (my favourite module!), and now you can even add a Featured Lenses widget to your lens sidebar.

Surround your content with your related lenses and get more chances of making sales, or getting comments, or votes, or ad-clicks.  It’s an important step that’s easy to miss.

And there you have it!  My top 6 places to bookmark your lenses!

  • What’s your Top 6?
  • What sites send you good traffic?
  • What have I missed?

– Lewis 😉

Lewis Smile

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  1. I have a blog that has the same subject as my top lens. They send and receive traffic between them.

    • MrLewisSmile says:

      Blogging was definitely on my list to begin with, but I crossed it off to focus more on bookmarking sites and placing links.

      Did you know I run ? I started it initially for Squidoo folk wanting to expand their marketing.

      – Lewis 🙂

  2. Gene says:

    Hi Lewis:

    One thing I look for when bookmarking is DoFollow (Google Friendly) links. Most of those bookmarking sites (Digg and Delicious at least) provide nofollow links, which are useless for Google.

    I sometimes get a little traffic from Digg and almost never from Delicious. So, I really don’t see the point in posting to either of them. Do you?

    I think that Stumbleupon is also not very useful. Stumblers will give you some traffic for a couple of days and then it is over. No dofollow links (I believe) and they never click or buy anything. It is fun to see that surge of traffic for a while, but other than that I dont think that Stumbleupon is really very useful.

    Lensroll is Dofollow and one of my favorite submission sites for my lenses. Another good bookmarking site, which is also dofollow is

    Shetoldme not only gives a dofollow link, but also is a revenue sharing bookmarking site. For example, submit your Google Ad Code and you earn a percentage of the clicks generated from the pages with your posts.

    So, my favorite bookmarking sites for my lenses are lensroll and Shetoldme as they are helpful for Google purposes. I almost never post to any of the others.

    • MrLewisSmile says:

      I’m not too worried here about which sites are dofollow and which are nofollow, because for the ranking in Google with the sites above I’m concerned mainly with the bookmark page itself [on digg, for example] also ranking in Google and pushing some of my competitors down off page 1!

      The more of Page 1 I own the better. Visitors can then do nothing but click on one of my results.

      – Lewis

  3. Tony says:

    I almost never get any traffic from Digg or Delicious, but point taken about the ranking help, which is why I link there.
    SheToldMe, also Xomba and Redgage do give some traffic and also DoFollow links, plus they are revenue sharing.
    I also add my RSS Feed to my blogs, using a WordPress plugin that allows me to add a feed to a Page as well as the sidebar. That way I can create a page about a feed.

  4. violet says:

    I am still learning to get traffic for my lenses. Thanks for these tips! I haven’t tried Jumptags before, and I hope it works well.

  5. mrshadow says:

    Can you make a tutorial with how to promote your lens on Mybloglog?

  6. evelynsaenz says:

    I like adding my lenses to Squidom and SquidUp. They are easy to add to. WebRings are difficult to add to as you need to add code to your page and then make sure that the circle is complete but I have found that they bring in quite a bit of traffic.

  7. Kittie says:

    Great list, I agree with you totally.

    I also agree with you about dofollow links another point to make in that regard is that a link profile with only dofollow links or a very high percentage of them screams manipulation to the search engines. In the long run it may hurt you more than it helps you.

  8. KEH says:

    great GREAT article thanks for the tip on jumptags – I’d never heard of it before

  9. JumpTags is a great site for you lenses. I also like to submit my lenses to Squidu blog and some other bookmarking sites for Squidoo beside

  10. Heidi says:

    I’ve tried Digg and Stumbleupon but haven’t had much luck with them. I will give them another try. I’ve recently discovered Gather and have started using that, too.

  11. Clint Kerns says:

    I have several lenses and this lens is very helpful. I am new (kinda new) the SEO (new as far as just beginning to understand and utilize it). I will bookmark this site and refer to it often. Great job. thanks for sharing it.

    Dr. Clint Kerns

  12. Heidi says:

    I’ve started using Gather and find that it is a reliable backlink.

  13. daphne says:

    Thank you for a straightforward, incredibly helpful post.

  14. Vikk Simmons says:

    Is bookmarking still relevant after PANDA and are these still your recommendations. I’ve heard that it’s now better to go the way of mini-articles with more wordcount.

  15. Dora says:

    thanks so much for your info and i would request you to read my lens and tell me if am doing all correct.I would wish for replies in my email as above.Am counting on you to teach me though am not paying consultation fees[kidding]. Greetings from Kenya

  16. Nate Balcom says:

    Nice list. I was unable to sign up for an account on either or though.

  17. This is a great idea. I have a blog, but have not used it effectively to promote my lenses. More for my to-do list!

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